EVOLUTION: The Changing Face of Harlem

perspectives on the village of Harlem
represented by the works of 25 artHARLEM artists

Project Statement:

artHARLEM is comprised of a menagerie of artists – all Harlem residents – widely divergent and expressing their ideas in profoundly different measures. From folk artists to fine artists, political and fiber artists, our members are New York natives as well as transplants from around the world. The one thing we all have in common, however, is that we all currently know this place – Harlem -  as home.

One of the questions we have sought to answer, collectively and individually, is “What Does Harlem Mean to Me?” Our responses have vacillated from expressions of comfort, culture, history and diversity, to concerns about gentrification, contrasts between the old and the new, and examining ourselves in this strong, yet fragile ecosystem.

Both our questions and answers will be articulated within the works presented in EVOLUTION: The Changing Face of Harlem. Each artist’s unique perspective on Harlem will symbolize a piece of the puzzle – a small, but significant element in the composite of a rich, historic enclave that finds itself ever-evolving. It is the art of a culture that historically crystallizes its story. artHARLEM artists will utilize this venue to define contemporary Harlem – figuratively, realistically, politically, emotionally, and in myriad traditions.