On Davis, Musician, Designer, Visual Artist...

Intro to On Ka'a Davis

On is a musician, designer, visual artist, and a writer of researches. On was born in Cleveland, Ohio but has made his home in New York City since his return from living in Vienna, Austria.

Since during the 80's and until present, On has been involved as an activist/squatter New York City's Lower East Side, a movement that has now become one of the most remarkable social revolutions the City had ever recognized.

On had been strongly attached to the visual art world as an exhibiting artist, and continues to create images now mostly applied to his self-published works, such as cd cover images and in the pages of his writings.

As a writer, On has researched into the music science of meta-physic exploration publishing his first book, 'Exerciricle: Keys to Museo-Ontology', and is presently working at twoforthcoming researches, a study of slave-society music in America and a study of music as 'sacred' geometry.

In 1991, On's original wearable art couture eyewear the 'Onoculii Designs' exploded into the mainstream fashion world, crowning On with awards and a place in fashion history. Talent in Motion magazine awarded On its most coveted annual 'Timmy Award' of "Most Myriad and Talented Artist" for his artistic influence.





























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