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On became recognized as a frequent recitalist of the classical guitar in his native Cleveland, Ohio throughout his teen-age years. He also played with a popular lounge band. At the age of 19, On moved to Vienna to train as a concertise in the Hochschule fur Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Wien. After two years in Europe, On arrived in New York City, where he has made his home since. 

As a musician, On has worked with a myriad of highly accomplished artists whether on tour, on the bandstand, in the theatre or in the studio. 

On performs  as a classical guitarist, a 'modern' culturalist in the music of  'blues', 'jazz', creative avant-garde, some African-cultural dialects and European 21st century composition. On also plays a variety of instruments and is presently studying the violin.  

On is currently musical director of the ensemble 'Impossible Space Circus of Sun Ra', an effort that brings together Sun Ra Arkestra (sun ra alumni members of which have included bassist Juini Booth and vocalist Al Jenkins.
Over the past 2 years, On has been a featured artist on many of the programs at WKCR radio of Columbia University ( in tributes to Jimi Hendrix, Alice Coltrane and James Brown along side with noted musicians as bassists Melvin Gibbs (, and Kim Clarke, guitarists Andre LaSalle, Vernon Reid, Jef Lee Johnson, Spaceman Patterson and Nick Russo and drummers Victor Jones and J.T. Lewis.
The station has also featured 'Cartoon Satellite' (myspace/cartoonsatelite) and 'Djuke Obbo!' (myspace/djukeobbo) , both ensembles originated by On,  in their own featured live-in-the-studio sessions.   

Djuke Music!
Djuke Music!!....the name comes from the Wolof language of Senegal, West Africa and it means to 'get up!'…to 'pull up' or to 'draw '. This word survives in the Americas akin to African-American culture as well as Apalachian culture in the form of 'jook', (as in the dancehall atmosphere of a 'jook joint'), meaning to 'pull along' to 'jerk' or to 'jump up' . 
This new styled music fuses exploding voodoo blues and abstract freedom jazzes woven into funky geechie rhythmic pulse-beat rhythms that move in and out of trance states and eliptic grooves while delivering cool chant downs of sensualities and edged comments. 

On, concept as 'djuke' music charts the course upon a virtual-real guitar-scape with sub atomic basses and shimmering resonances. 

First conceived from the squat scene in New York City's Lower East Side 'back in the day', this music uses horns in the band along with backing vocals abstract jazzes and funky pulse beat…. a kind of Sun Ra, Fela Kuti, Mali cultural and deep American jazz kind of thing with lilting rhythms often introducing 2 against 3 type patterns. The sounds are both organic and e-tronic, reaching classic cultural or full blown excited chewing aluminum foil....

The concept of 'Djuke Obbo!' is generally presented as 8 members consisting of backing vocalists, horns and an electron rhythm section. The society of djuke musicians make up the 'Famous Original Djuke Music Players'.
Recordings dedicated to djuke music have featured Luther Thomas, (sax-oholic), Marie Afonso, (Zap Mama), Jojo Kuo, (Fela Kuti), Juini Booth (Tony Williams, McCoy Tyner), Francis MBappe (Mani Dibango), Andrew Lamb, (Marshall Allen), Radu Ben Judah, (Sun Ra), Felice Rosser (Faith), along with Tess Marsalis, Tomchess, Nick Gianni, Electric Meg Montgomery, Wakesha, Saco Yasuma, Dalius Naujo, Daniel Jodocy, Bopa King Carre, Welf Dorr, Greg Lewis, Adam 'Atom' Feller, Kadiatou Sibi, Thierno Camara, Mimi Camara, and Tom Augsburger.




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